Lung Cancer 101 by Lynn Sherwood

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This book was born as my 25 year-old daughter was dying.  “Lung cancer.” Two little words that still leave me breathless.  

If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer, you may also be feeling anxious, overwhelmed and fearful.  The nuggets of practical information in these pages are meant to spark your curiosity as you examine the path ahead.  With this knowledge base, you will feel empowered to face this journey head on, with dignity, assurance and control over your choices and how you LIVE with lung cancer.

Together, let’s explore this valuable information in layman’s language.  It is my goal to help you sift through eye-opening, practical and empowering information in this one-stop introduction: 

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In brief, direct and easy to understand language, explore the answers you seek to make informed decisions about your body and your care – and become better able to be your own best advocate.

  • Identify and understand the type of lung cancer that you have
  • Learn how this affects your prognosis and treatment options
  • Understand emerging and alternative therapies, as well as the option to not treat your cancer
  • Master the questions to ask you care team so they care for you per your wishes
  • Decide how you will LIVE with lung cancer…

Lung cancer has many faces, facts and fiction associated with it.  With a background in nursing and a passion to help my daughter, Lauren, LIVE with lung cancer, I have scoured the heaps of medical research available in this information age, actively learning everything that I can possibly absorb.  

By learning how to navigate this disease with your family, friends and medical/spiritual/social teams, my hope for you is that you will feel equipped to make decisions for your care and have a sense of control in how you live with your disease.

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