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Be still, my heart.  Moving through the pain of losing my daughter, and being a life-long caregiver, I’ve learned that I CAN and I have to move forward, and can do so only with a grateful heart.  I am ODDLY GRATEFUL for this life;  if living is suffering, I’m certainly in such a state now.  I can ALSO look in such gratitude and find at least one thing each day for which I can be grateful ~ The watermelon hue in the sunrise, fall’s crisp mountain air, the smile of my best friend, the wagging tail of a puppy.  This is a place to learn, grieve, heal and find hope and a healthy future TOGETHER!

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Lung cancer killed my daughter Lauren.  Learn more ~ and save your life or the life of someone you love.

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STAY TUNED for our video journal about connections made in fitness accountability!  Beyond 40’s weight concerns and saggy boob problems, this about your all-around health (spiritual, emotional, emotional, relational, intellectual & yes, even physical!)!  Grab a partner for accountability and let’s crush it!  🙂

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This is a place to learn, share, grieve, love, create, laugh, grow & live.  Search for valuable information, lighthearted cheer and intensely heart-wrenching stories with that glimmer of hope we all crave ~ get support & give support!  Let’s let love live in and through us, as we become Oddly Grateful.

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